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Veteran Teacher Salary Schedule: Cynicism or Blunder?

Will the accountability measures in HO523 make veteran pay out of reach for many veterans, or will schools and districts find a way to get their teachers to attain these measures?

Because the Bill HO523 for “Veteran Teacher” salaries has cleared the House and is now heading to the Senate, I thought I would take a moment to see how the bill would work at my school in order to see how many of my teachers will count as ‘Veterans’ and how the bill will help me improve my school.

A little about the bill: Currently, schools are reimbursed $40,000 for a beginning teacher and $50,000 for someone who has been in the profession for longer than 8 years. The new bill now offers to reimburse ‘veteran’ teachers up to $63,000 rather than $50,000. Sounds great, but veteran doesn’t automatically mean everyone past year 8 in their profession. There are qualifications that must be met. Currently, I have 29 teachers. On average, my teachers have 13 years of experience, and I have only 6 teachers below 8…

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